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National Power Rangers Day - 2021-08-28
What is National Power Rangers Day?
The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were invented in 1993. The TV show was unique in terms of the values it brought to homes across America. Some of the most important qualities that the Power Rangers represented were teamwork, inclusivity, diversity, and respect. All while kicking some evil villain butt! As time passed, the popularity of the power rangers did not dwindle, but grew. New renditions of the Power Rangers allow for younger fans to also be introduced to the group, while older fans watch on nostalgically. Celebrate your love and appreciation for this crime-fighting group on this national day by watching some of your favourite episodes or even dressing up as your favourite Ranger!
When is National Power Rangers Day?
On August 28th, we celebrate the magnificent contributions that a certain group of evil-defeating teens has made to society, with National Power Rangers Day!
History of National Power Rangers Day
Hasbro founded National Power Rangers Day on August 28, 2018, to commemorate the Power Rangers 25th anniversary!
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