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National PrepareAthon! Day - 2022-04-30
What is National PrepareAthon! Day?
National PrepareAthon! Day is a reminder that natural disasters come without warning. We must be prepared now to protect our families in case of a crisis. Having an emergency plan in place is crucial in the event of an unexpected disaster. National PrepareAthon! Day is a great opportunity to make sure you have all the necessary supplies in place to take care of yourself and your family if a natural disaster strikes. Making a community disaster-ready is a big job. It takes the help of everyone. But you can prepare your business, your family, and your school for trouble by getting involved with PrepareAthon! Day. The event offers tools and resources for communities and citizens that help them prepare businesses, families, and schools for a crisis. No matter what you can do to help, it's better than not doing anything at all.    
When is National PrepareAthon! Day?
National PrepareAthon! Day is observed on April 30th!
History of National PrepareAthon! Day
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