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National Princess Day - 2021-11-18
What is National Princess Day?
Celebrate the girl in you by taking part and celebrating this empowering holiday with friends, family members, or co-workers. Make sure you wear your tiara for everyone to see how much of a princess YOU really are inside - just like Cinderella did at midnight when she found out that everything was going splendidly until then? You know a Princess who shines because of her gift of laughter. She makes everyone around her smile, and it could be that you have seen this trait in your own daughter or niece! Maybe she's kind-hearted like the princesses we've all grown to love reading about at storytime; maybe brave enough for any adventure life throws their way.
When is National Princess Day?
The National Princess Day is celebrated on November 18th!
History of National Princess Day
The Swan Princess has been enchanting audiences across the world since it was first released in on November 18th 1994. Now, with eight feature films and more adventures on the way, this majestic story continues to captivate!
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