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National Pro-Life Cupcake Day - 2021-10-09
What is National Pro-Life Cupcake Day?
Pro-life or pro-choice? Abortion’s a touchy subject. This issue causes an immense divide between friends and family. Many people believe every woman has the right to make her own choice. Others believe that abortion is murder. The Cupcakes for Life Foundation founded the National Pro-Life Cupcake Day. This is a “sweet” way to start a conversation on this contentious matter. Cupcakes represents the birthdays these unborn babies never got to experience. These cupcakes raise awareness for pro-life rights. National Pro-Life Cupcake Day aims to start a difficult but necessary conversation around this topic. On this National Pro-Life Cupcake Day, bake cupcakes to raise awareness for this important subject. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, be respectful of other people’s views.
When is National Pro-Life Cupcake Day?
Celebrate the birthdays of unborn babies on National Pro-Life Cupcake Day every year on October 9th.
History of National Pro-Life Cupcake Day
The Cupcakes for Life foundation founded national Pro-Life Cupcake Day. Their primary goal is to increase awareness around abortions.
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