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National Publicist Day - 2021-10-30
What is National Publicist Day?
Every year on October 30, the public relations industry celebrates National Publicist Day to show appreciation for the work that publicists do to ensure that the public hears the truth. In today’s fast-moving world, it’s very easy for rumors and fake news to spread. We need publicists to help get the word out about what is true, even if it’s not very exciting. A publicist is a person who generates and manages publicity for companies, brands, or public figures such as celebrities. Publicists are PR specialists who maintain the image of individuals rather than entire corporations or businesses.
When is National Publicist Day?
National Publicist Day is celebrated every year on October 30.
History of National Publicist Day
Jordanna Stephen, the owner of APARTMENT|SEVEN, founded National Publicist Day and its meaning in 2015.
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