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National Puzzle Day - 2022-01-29
What is National Puzzle Day?
Puzzles are a great way to exercise your brain and social abilities. Whether you're solving sudoku puzzles, working on crosswords, or reading jigsaw puzzle-type magazines; they all make the mind work in different ways! Not only do these activities keep brains sharp as well help with problem-solving skills but it's also fun when people get together interactively completing their own personal challenges at home!. Irrespective of age group - adults will enjoy challenging themselves mentally through various types of interesting games like Sudokus while kids love trying out new varieties such as word searches that require them to think creatively about words hidden among scrambled letters/numbers.
When is National Puzzle Day?
January 29 is National Puzzle Day, the perfect day to do some brain exercise. It's like your own personal game console that you can load with puzzles and go at any time!
History of National Puzzle Day
Jodi Jill is a well-known puzzle maker, who created National Puzzle Day in 2002 as an opportunity for people to show their appreciation and love of puzzles. She developed classroom lessons that focus on this theme so it can be celebrated throughout the year rather than just one day each November!
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