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National Raisin Day - 2022-04-30
What is National Raisin Day?
Today is national raisin day. Raisins are small dried grapes. Sunlight naturally dries most grapes in vineyards, but some are mechanically dried. A long time ago, people started enjoying raisins. Raisins are naturally low in fat and contain healthy nutrients. California produces the majority of the world’s raisin supply. Raisins have been enjoyed for centuries, but only recently have they become an everyday snack for Americans. There are still a lot of things you didn't know about raisins. Besides eating them in baked goods, you can also make wine from them. Raisins come from grapes, which are often used to make wine. However, you can also make wine with raisins! So, on Raisin Day, you can celebrate the joy of wine-making by making your own wine.
When is National Raisin Day?
National Raisin Day is recognized on April 30th!
History of National Raisin Day
California raisin growers began the tradition of National Raisin Day in 1909. They promoted it in papers and on the radio, delivered flyers door to door, and made announcements on the radio reminding everyone to celebrate National Raisin Day on April 30th.
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