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National Raspberry Bombe Day - 2021-08-11
What is National Raspberry Bombe Day?
August is prime raspberry ripening month, which is why we celebrate the raspberry bombe as the summer begins to come to a close. A raspberry bombe is a layered dessert made of sherbet, heavy cream, candied raspberries, and chopped nuts in a spherical mold and frozen overnight. The raspberries give the bombe a beautiful pink hue and make it a beautiful centrepiece for a summer table. Spend the day exploring various recipes for raspberry bombes and the origins of the raspberries in your area.
When is National Raspberry Bombe Day?
August 11th is the day to celebrate a sweet and tangy summer dessert: the raspberry bombe!
History of National Raspberry Bombe Day
We have not been able to identify the creator of this national day.
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