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National Ravioli Day - 2021-03-20
What is National Ravioli Day?
When March 20th rolls around, it's hard to resist the urge to indulge in ravioli. This fun and versatile pasta is traditionally served on this day. While ravioli can be enjoyed any day of the year, National Ravioli Day encourages people to indulge in the beloved food. Ravioli is a traditional type of Italian-filled pasta. Imagine a small meatball tucked snugly inside two cozy layers of delicious dough. That sums up ravioli easily. Well, you can fill up ravioli in a variety of ways. They are usually served with broth or a sauce. You can fill them up with a variety of recipes from cheesy to meaty.
When is National Ravioli Day?
National Ravioli Day is celebrated on March 20th of every year.
History of National Ravioli Day
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