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National Re-Gifting Day - 2021-12-23
What is National Re-Gifting Day?
The holiday season is a time for gift-giving and receiving. But what if the recipient doesn't like it? National Re-Gifting Day was created to celebrate the unique art of giving and re-gifting. It's celebrated on December 17th, and it comes before Christmas. This day gives people a chance to re-gift items they don't want, and helps others find new homes for their unwanted gifts. Once a year, everyone in the office parties hard. While the festivities are in full swing, it's common for people to re-gift items they received from the host and didn't like. Companies that had company events in 2016 were found to re-gift 40% of their gifts.  
When is National Re-Gifting Day?
December 23 is celebrated as National Re-Gifting Day.
History of National Re-Gifting Day
On October 24, 2008, the State of Colorado declared National Re-Gifting Day to be an official holiday.
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