National Read A Book Day

September 6, 2021

September 6 - National Read A Book Day

What Is National Read A Book Day?

Reading a book should not be a chore. Forget about our school day English classes’ sometimes boring set reading. Visit your local library or book store to find a title that appeals to you. Fiction or non-fiction? Biography or history? Psychology or health? It doesn’t matter at all. On National Read A Book Day on September 6th set aside time to immerse yourself in a book you’ve wanted to read. And if you haven’t read a book, now’s the best day to start. Reading a book – not a user manual or your company’s latest HR policies, but a book of your choosing – makes for a fantastically healthy pastime. Not only do you expand your knowledge, but reading is proven to improve memory function, concentration, and reduces stress. It helps to fight off Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Teach your young ones the joy of reading – and you’ll give them the most rewarding gift of their lives. Read to them on this National Read A Book Day or listen to them read to you. Books are entertaining, educational, and their most significant benefit is that they inspire creativity and creative thinking. National Read A Book Day may be similar to National Book Lovers Day honored on August 9th. It matters little: spend the day flipping through the pages of your favourite book!

When Is National Read A Book Day?

National Read a Book Day is observed annually on September 6th.

History Of National Read A Book Day

We were unable to find the creator of this national day in our research, but we will be sure to keep you posted.


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