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National Reconciliation Day - 2022-04-02
What is National Reconciliation Day?
April 2nd is National Reconciliation Day. This holiday reminds us that repairing our relationships is important, especially when we have damaged them through our words or actions. It is a day to reflect on how to overcome our differences with others and to repair relationships with loved ones, coworkers, and even people with whom we disagree. Sometimes people just don’t get along. They don’t know why. They just don’t. Then they drift apart, and soon they aren’t even speaking to each other. Years go by. Before you know it, decades have passed and they haven’t spoken a word to each other since that fight. It might be a brother or sister. It might be a parent and child. Friendships can end in a flash because of a misunderstanding. There are times when you have to make some effort to reconcile with someone. It’s important to remember that peace isn’t free. You have to put in some work to build a bridge between you and the person you’re trying to reconcile with. But forgiveness isn’t a prerequisite for that conversation.
When is National Reconciliation Day?
Celebrated on April 2nd, Every year is National Reconciliation Day
History of National Reconciliation Day
Our research has found several references to Reconciliation Day throughout the year.
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