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National Red Mitten Day - 2021-11-21
What is National Red Mitten Day?
Canadians are proud to support their country at the Olympics, and Hudson's Bay has built an iconic pair of mittens for them. The Red Mittens were created as part of Canada’s Olympic program before Vancouver 2010; they became one nation's most recognized symbols with $3 from each sale going towards supporting Canadian athletes in Games since then! So far over 30 million dollars have been raised thanks to these red fingerless gloves - let’s keep up this great tradition by continuing our love affair today!
When is National Red Mitten Day?
On November 21st, it's time to show off your red mittens. Why? Well in Canada they celebrate this day and you know what that is always an excellent colour!
History of National Red Mitten Day
Hudson's Bay is celebrating National Red Mitten Day by encouraging Canadians to show their support for Canadian athletes and share in this years tradition of wearing the company's trademark red mittens. For every pair purchased, $3 goes towards funding events that help them achieve success on a national scale!
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