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National Repeal Day - 2021-12-05
What is National Repeal Day?
The United States ended its 13-year experiment with the increasingly unpopular nationwide prohibition of alcohol in 1933. It’s Repeal Day on December 5! On January 16, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the 21st amendment repealing Prohibition and making it an official holiday in America for only the second time ever! It's a day worth celebrating as this is one of two holidays written into our constitution - with July 4 being another good example (the other three came later). Celebrate responsibly! Celebrate by celebrating with friends and family. Have a drink or two at home, then pick up some alcoholic beverages on your way back from work for an evening of fun in celebration of the day that was (or should be)!
When is National Repeal Day?
Every year on December 5th, people across America commemorate the day that Prohibition ended in their country. This event celebrates democracy and freedom of choice by giving citizens a chance to decide for themselves if they want any alcoholic drinks or not with no government interference whatsoever!
History of National Repeal Day
December 5th, 1933 is a day that will live in infamy as the United States repeals its outrageous Prohibition law and allows Americans to consume alcohol once again.
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