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National Report Medicare Fraud Day - 2021-09-12
What is National Report Medicare Fraud Day?
On September 12th, the government will be holding their National Report Medicare Fraud Day. This is a day that focuses on how much fraud is costing us all. 10% of Medicare funds are lost due to fraud. The government spends $650 billion a year on Medicare, and $65 billion a year is lost to Medicare fraud. There are two ways to report Medicare fraud and they offer very different results. One is to contact the Department of Justice (DOJ) and blow the whistle under its reward program. DOJ pays 15% to 25% of the amount recovered, with an average of $690,000. This can be as high as $150 million! And guess what? The government wants your help. Today, three-quarters of Medicare fraud cases are opened as a result of whistleblower complaints. The government is counting on your help to fight Medicare fraud. If you report fraud, the government must investigate and contact you about the results of the investigation.
When is National Report Medicare Fraud Day?
National Report Medicare Fraud Day is observed on September 12th.
History of National Report Medicare Fraud Day
Joel D. Hesch founded National Medicare Fraud Day in 2017. Hesch spent over 15 years in the DOJ's whistleblower reward office. Hesch now represents whistleblowers throughout the United States in filing for rewards for reporting fraud.
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