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National Retinol Day - 2021-11-07
What is National Retinol Day?
Retinol is one of the most famous skincare ingredients on the market, an over-the-counter (OTC) version of retinian. Retinos can be used to treat anti-aging concerns as well as acne and wrinkles because it's vitamin A derived from plant sources rather than animal products. There are many different types or strengths available including tretinoin cream which helps stimulate cell turnover for younger-looking healthier glow! Retinol, also known as Retinoic Acid or vitamin A is a powerful anti-aging agent that goes deep beneath the skin's surface. The small molecules in this formula work to remove dead cells and clean out pores while providing vital nutrients for healthy-looking skin!  
When is National Retinol Day?
National Retinol Day is celebrated on November 7th!
History of National Retinol Day
RoC® Skincare founded National Retinol Day in 2021.
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