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National Rhode Island Day - 2021-10-05
What is National Rhode Island Day?
Do you know the history of Rhode Island Day? Rhode Island is one of the thirteen states of America that broke away from the British Empire. This is the smallest of the states in America and is densely populated and rich in culture and history. One of the many historical sites that you can visit in Rhode Island is the First Baptist Church of Providence - the oldest Baptist Church in the country founded in 1638. National Rhode Island Day celebrates the history, culture, and people of this glorious state. Known for its beautiful public and private beaches, it is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. You can celebrate National Rhode Island Day by taking a day trip to explore all that it has to offer, as well as eating some of the local foods. Read up on some lesser-known facts about Rhode Island that you can share with friends and family.
When is National Rhode Island Day?
National Rhode Island day is observed on October 5th.
History of National Rhode Island Day
While the origin of this day is not known, we will continue to research the history.
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