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National Rice Pudding Day - 2021-08-09
What is National Rice Pudding Day?
Rice pudding is a thick and creamy dessert made from cooked rice mixed with milk and bread. The pudding is flavoured with spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, and sweetened with sugar or honey as desired. Some recipes for rice pudding include eggs which make the dessert extra rich and smooth. Rice pudding is mostly enjoyed as a dessert but can also be eaten for breakfast, topped with fruit or whipped cream. Find and share your favourite rice pudding recipes today, and serve them up to your friends and family.
When is National Rice Pudding Day?
This classic and creamy dessert gets its own celebration on August 9th, National Rice Pudding Day!
History of National Rice Pudding Day
We have been unable to find the creator of this National Day.
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