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National Richter Scale Day - 2022-04-26
What is National Richter Scale Day?
A famous American scientist named Charles Richter invented the Richter magnitude scale, which is used to measure the size of earthquakes. He first used it in 1935 while working with Beno Gutenberg at the California Institute of Technology. Before 1935, there was no standard measure of the strength of an earthquake. The Richter scale was invented in 1935 in California, and it immediately became the standard way to measure earthquake strength. Earthquakes are measured with different scales depending on the data available, but the Richter scale is still the most popular. One of the biggest earthquakes in the past 100 years occurred in Chile, measuring 9.5 on the Richter scale. It is often called the Great Chilean Earthquake.
When is National Richter Scale Day?
National Richter Scale Day is celebrated on April 26 of every year.
History of National Richter Scale Day
 April 26  is the  day of  the Richter Scale. It  was created  to celebrate  the birthday  of its  inventor, Charles F Richter (26 April 1900 – 30 September 1985).
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