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National Ride the Wind Day - 2021-08-23
What is National Ride the Wind Day?
National Ride the Wind Day commemorates the anniversary of the first human-powered flight to win the Kremer prize. The flight took place on August 23rd of 1977, and it was called the Gossamer Condor 2. The Gossamer Condor 2 flew the first figure-eight course specified by the Royal Aeronautical Society at Minter Field in Shafter, California. Take advantage of the summer breezes by trying out some of these human powered aircrafts, whether as a pilot or a passenger. If you're unable to get access to one, you could always fly a kite, it's almost as fun!
When is National Ride the Wind Day?
Spend the last few warm days having the time of your life, with National Ride the Wind Day on August 23rd!
History of National Ride the Wind Day
We were unable to find the creator of this national day in our research, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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