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National Roller Coaster Day - 2021-08-16
What is National Roller Coaster Day?
National Rollercoaster Day commemorates the day the first parent was filed for a vertical loop rollercoaster, by Edwin Prescott in 1898. The purpose of a rollercoaster is not for transportation of goods or people, but rather for the thrill and fun of it! The oldest rollercoasters are believed to have been invented in Saint Petersburg and rose to about 80 feet with nearly 50 degree drops! For the time, these rollercoasters were an incredible feat of invention. Celebrate the day by trying out as many rollercoasters as you can in your area, as many times as you like!
When is National Roller Coaster Day?
On August 16th, thousands of people make their way to their nearest amusement park to celebrate National Rollercoaster Day.
History of National Roller Coaster Day
National Rollercoaster Day has been celebrated since 1986, and amusement parks countrywide celebrate the day with events and discounts.
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