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National Rubber Eraser Day - 2022-04-15
What is National Rubber Eraser Day?
April 15th is the anniversary of what? It's National Rubber Eraser Day! How does it correct people's mistakes? Since 1770, this device has been a godsend for those who make mistakes. In the past, people used to erase mistakes from paper with a piece of rubber or wax. If they did not have a piece of rubber or wax, they would use bread. In the 1970s, a Tokyo student said, “Bread erasers were used in place of rubber erasers. Students were given as many as they wanted. We took them home and ate them because we were so hungry.” Thanks to these men and their inventions many years ago, we are able to fix our mistakes.
When is National Rubber Eraser Day?
Annually observed on April 15 is National Rubber Eraser Day.
History of National Rubber Eraser Day
On April 15, 1770, Michel Érasme Beau de Rochas created the eraser. This important holiday is celebrated by many, but we have been unable to find the creator.
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