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National Sandwich Day - 2021-11-03
What is National Sandwich Day?
When it comes to sandwich inventions in America, there are some absolutely delicious choices. Amongst them are the cheesesteak and sloppy joe which have been staples for generations of Americans who love their food with an edge! But don't forget about muffuletta or Monte Cristos - we also enjoy our Po Boys quite a bit as well as those pork tenderloins that can be found all over anyway you want 'em: grilled cheese style on rye bread perhaps?
When is National Sandwich Day?
National Sandwich Day is celebrated on November 3rd
History of National Sandwich Day
In the 18th century, English nobles were so interested in gambling that they often played for a day without eating. In order to eat with one hand while gambling, one nobleman had his servants place meat between two slices of bread, creating the world’s first sandwich.
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