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National Sarcoidosis Day - 2022-04-30
What is National Sarcoidosis Day?
On Apr 30th, we celebrate Sarcoidosis Day. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that affects any part of the body. It's not contagious but is found in the lungs most commonly. The disease can cause anything from rashes to vision loss but often resolves on its own. When rosacea strikes the skin, it often resembles a scaly rash or red bumps. Many people don’t realize they have rosacea and blame it on allergies or simple reactions to things they come into contact with. Sarcoidosis can affect many parts of the body. When it affects the eyes, it causes pain and soreness. When it affects internal organs or muscles, it causes swelling and pain. Sarcoidosis is a rare disease that strikes people between the ages of 20 and 40. Most often, Sarcoidosis goes away without treatment. In more severe cases, for which there is no cure, the symptoms can last for years and cause permanent organ damage. Although scientists still don’t understand Sarcoidosis, they are studying it to try and find the cause and a cure.    
When is National Sarcoidosis Day?
National Sarcoidosis Day is observed on April 30 in many countries.
History of National Sarcoidosis Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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