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National Sardines Day - 2021-11-24
What is National Sardines Day?
For decades, France was the market leader for canned sardines. But in the late 1860s, The Franco-Prussian War interrupted imports and created an opportunity for American entrepreneurs. The first commercial canning on the East Coast began in 1875 when a New York-based businessman set up the Eagle Preserved Fish Company. Sardines were quite popular in the USA until World War II. When the Pacific Sardine Fishery decreased, canned sardines declined. Around the same time, new supply chains became available, which provided fresh fish to customers across the country. As milder flavored fish became more available, people began to purchase them instead of the traditionally stronger-tasting fish. Popular examples of these were herring, sardines, smelts and mackerel.
When is National Sardines Day?
Celebrate and get plundering with your fellow Sardinians in a festive atmosphere on November 24th!
History of National Sardines Day
The word "sardine" comes from the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia. The English got this term for their red color and popularity in Grecian history, which was related to delicious canned fish with an oily texture found off-shore at sea before 1450 AD when it became popularized across Europe as well.
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