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National Sausage Pizza Day - 2021-10-11
What is National Sausage Pizza Day?
Do you like pizza? Who doesn’t? Pizza is a firm favorite in households across America. The first American pizza establishment was opened in 1905 in New York’s Little Italy. A great way to enjoy pizza is by adding sausages as a topping. Sausages come in all flavors and can be used as a topping on thick or thin crust pizzas. Add some mushrooms and sauteed onions for a flavor explosion. National Sausage Pizza Day was created to celebrate this mash-up. If you would like to celebrate sausages on pizza, why not visit your favorite pizzeria. Try a new flavor and share on social media using #SausagePizzaDay. If you prefer to make our own, try a variety of sausages and choose your favorite flavor.
When is National Sausage Pizza Day?
We celebrate this delicious day on October 11th each year by creating and guzzling down amazing sausage pizza creations.
History of National Sausage Pizza Day
We do not know who is responsible for National Sausage Pizza Day but will continue to research and uncover more information.
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