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National Save The Eagles Day - 2022-01-10
What is National Save The Eagles Day?
Eagles are among the strongest and most magnificent birds in the world. The bald eagle is a symbol of freedom in the United States. The history of Save the Eagles Day is a story that shows how people come together to work for good causes. In 2014, Skymark Development Corporation of Paramus highlighted a study stating that a landfill near an eagle’s nest posed community health risks. As part of the solution to mitigate local health risks, they argued to remove the tree that eagles nested in. In January 2015, the New York City Audubon Society made a public announcement that they would be taking steps to save the eagles. Soon, both sides agreed to preserve part of the land as an eagle park. Alice and Al continued to nest in the same location for years, and today there is a new pair that made their home in the same nest.
When is National Save The Eagles Day?
Celebrated on January 10th is National Save The Eagles Day!
History of National Save The Eagles Day
Save the Eagles Day originated in the Village of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey In 2015.
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