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National Scavenger Hunt Day - 2021-05-24
What is National Scavenger Hunt Day?
National Scavenger Hunt Day is a celebration of the mind training game. Solving clues and searching for a list of items is one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon as a child and now there's even a holiday dedicated to this fun activity! This day is a day that is meant to be celebrated as a family filled with laughs and memories. A fun way to get children to bond and learn to work as a team and it also gives parents the opportunity to spend time with their children and learn more about them and their ways of thinking.
When is National Scavenger Hunt Day?
National Scavenger Hunt Day is celebrated every year on May 24th.
History of National Scavenger Hunt Day
Although no one knows the true origin of scavenger hunts, Elsa Maxwell has been credited with their popularity. As a famous American celebrity (author, gossip columnist, actress, songwriter, screenwriter, and radio personality) she hosted numerous exclusive parties which involved scavenger hunts as part of the festivities. The players were given lists of items from around the city that they were meant to collect. They were not allowed to buy the objects, but rather, beg, barter, or work for them. Sometimes, the scavenger hunts included riddles, or ‘clues’, on each item, increasing the game’s difficulty. The team with the most items, or the first to complete the list, won. This unofficial holiday must have began due to the people's love of the activity.
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