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National School Picture Day - 2021-09-09
What is National School Picture Day?
Awkward smiles make for the best photographs. Cringe-worthy? You bet. Comedy material? Most definitely. From your first to last school photo in your yearbook, flick through your old school pictures to be reminded of how much you've aged (and some of us have many, many decades behind us since those photos were taken) and share with your children, grandchildren (that is, if thy printed photos on stone tablets back then, old man) for a few giggles and to show off our innocent smile from back then. You will surely see many old school pictures on social media. Reminisce with your school friends, too. Take a few moments to share your memories on National School Picture Day on the second Thursday of September.
When is National School Picture Day?
The second Thursday in September is known as National School Picture Day. Smile for the camera!
History of National School Picture Day
National School Picture Day was founded by Lifetouch in 2019 to celebrate the tradition of school photos that last a lifetime. From film to digital, share your childhood smiles on social media with #NationalSchoolPictureDay.
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