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National Scribble Day - 2021-03-27
What is National Scribble Day?
On March 27, National Scribble Day inspires children to express themselves through art. It's a little like us as babies. We're all born with unique personality. As we grow up, we become more like who we want to be. Your child can start this process by drawing something on March 27, National Scribble Day. The scribbles of a child become more than just scribbles when a smile and eyes are added. Somehow a personality leaps onto the page as if it had been there all along. With encouragement, children can express themselves and produce something positive. The positive result looking back at them spreads a surge of joy that is infectious. Crayons are a democratic medium. Anyone can use them, no matter their skill level. This means that everyone from a grandparent to a baby can get in on the fun. Gather up a box of crayons and scribble a smile on everyone’s face!
When is National Scribble Day?
March 27 is National Scribble Day. It inspires children of all ages to be more creative and kind through art.
History of National Scribble Day
Diane Alber founded National Scribble Day in 2019. Its purpose is to bring out the artist in everyone and to encourage children to draw no matter their skill level. Everyone started as a scribble!
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