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National Sea Monkey Day - 2021-05-16
What is National Sea Monkey Day?
National Sea Monkey Day on May 16th each year celebrates the tiny brine shrimp that swim around mail-order aquariums. Most of us have memories of waiting for our mail-order shipment of these magical creatures. The delivery usually contained the small “aquarium-like” hatching kit for them to live and grow in.
When is National Sea Monkey Day?
This holiday is celebrated on May 16th every year.
History of National Sea Monkey Day
Popular in the 60s and 70s, Sea Monkeys are a ‘pet’ that almost every American child had at one point or another. Not only were they popular in the 60s and 70s but also right through the 90s and noughties too. Although the origin of this holiday is hard to pinpoint, it can most likely be attributed to the sentimentality that most American adults feel towards these little guys.
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