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National Seat Belt Day - 2021-11-14
What is National Seat Belt Day?
National Seat Belt Day falls on November 14th this year and we just might be in for a crash as many people will not put their seat belts on. This day celebrates the lives that have been saved by drivers who used them correctly, so it's important to celebrate! Have you ever seen someone riding down Main Street without wearing one? They could face fines up near $200 if caught because there are laws protecting our safety while driving or even walking places- but don't take chances with your life when Buckling Up Can Save It!.
When is National Seat Belt Day?
The end of November is fast approaching and National Seat Belt Day on November 14th encourages everyone to buckle up for a life-saving habit.
History of National Seat Belt Day
In 2019, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), Volvo and Uber teamed up to remind everyone of how important it is for drivers and passengers alike to buckle up by launching National Seat Belt Day. The first year marked 60 years since modern seat belts were invented which was created by Volvo!
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