National Shapewear Day

August 10, 2021

August 10 - National Shapewear Day

What Is National Shapewear Day?

Shapewear is an umbrella term for a garment that squeezes the body into the desired shape, usually dictated by the trends of the time. Shapewear has its origins in Ancient Greek and Roman society, where women wore corsets to shape their bodies underneath their clothes. In modern society, we have done away with the old-fashioned constricting corsets and have moved onto softer, more pliable, fabric shapewear that is more comfortable to wear underneath clothing. It now comes in basically any shape you can imagine to cater to all kinds of preferences and to allow everyone to feel comfortable and confident.

When Is National Shapewear Day?

August 10th of every year celebrates the innovative invention that is shapewear, and the history and trends that surround the garment.

History Of National Shapewear Day

National Shapewear Day was founded in 2017 by The Pink Room to celebrate the massive strides made by the shapewear industry and to create buzz around the new advancements made.


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