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National Shoe the World Day - 2021-03-15
What is National Shoe the World Day?
The first Monday of every March is National Shoe The World Day. It's a great way to honor the value of shoes that millions of people around the world rely on. In this era, it's difficult to imagine a life without proper footwear. Yet, as many as 500 million people — including children — don't have a pair of shoes to wear. Despite the climate and terrain, they walk barefoot everywhere. The problems that come with walking barefoot every day are endless: cuts, sores, infections, and parasites. Schools and businesses ban people with dirty or no shoes. We attach stigmas to such people. Life without footwear also affects their health, education, and financial well-being. One issue leads to another, creating a never-ending cycle. Some people only have one pair of shoes, but they are too big or small. They will make them last for many years because they don't have any other choice. Other people have shoes that are too small, but they are incredibly fortunate because to have any shoes at all is a luxury.
When is National Shoe the World Day?
March 15th is National Shoe the World Day.
History of National Shoe the World Day
Donald Zsemonadi and the United Indigenous People in Fontana, California inspired National Shoe the World Day in March of 2014.
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