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National Siblings Day - 2022-04-10
What is National Siblings Day?
April 10th is National Sibling Day. This holiday honors your brother or sister. Siblings are your best friends or your worst enemies. They are the people who will forever remind you of your awkward moments, give you the most support, and make you feel like you are the greatest competitor in the world. The holiday is also known as ‘World Siblings Day.’ Siblings are our best friends and sometimes our worst enemies. Our siblings encourage us to be our best, embarrass us, and be our biggest motivators and competitors. Every year, on the third Sunday in August, the United States celebrates Siblings Day. It was recognized by President Obama in 2016. The non-profit “Siblings Day Foundation” works to gather support for a UN resolution that would make it an official international holiday.
When is National Siblings Day?
Next month, on April 10th, is National Siblings Day. It's a day to celebrate our brothers and sisters.
History of National Siblings Day
National Siblings Day was recognized by President Obama in 2016.
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