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National Singles Day - 2021-09-23
What is National Singles Day?
What's the best way to celebrate being single? That's right—shopping! November 11th is a holiday in China called Singles Day. It is celebrated every year on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The holiday was created to promote single people shopping together, but it has turned into the largest shopping day in the world (and is over-shadowing Black Friday). In China, there are 118 boys born for every 100 girls. The country’s massive gender imbalance is a result of the one-child policy, which was enforced for over 3 decades. The policy was designed to control the growing population, but it also led to a preference for boys. Millions of female fetuses were aborted so their mothers could have a boy. There is a major gender gap in China. This has led to a preponderance of men. Some men have decided to embrace being single, and hence the idea of Singles Day was born. The idea of Singles Day originated with men, but today both men and women celebrate it.
When is National Singles Day?
Singles' Day can be celebrated each year on 11 November.
History of National Singles Day
Four single male students at Nanjing University created Singles Day in 1993.
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