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National Sisters Day - 2021-08-01
What is National Sisters Day?
Having a sister is like having a built in best friend who drives you to absolute insanity. Nobody can drive you crazier than a sister can, and nobody can get back in your good books faster either. Sisters are lifelong supporters, friends, and soulmates. They love and understand you like nobody else ever can and will always be around to help when you need it. If you're younger, your older sister often plays the role of caretaker and role model, leaving you with a great ideal to look up to. On National Sisters Day, we celebrate the beautiful relationships that all fall under the branch of sisterhood, be it friends, sisters-in-law, or biological and adopted sisters.
When is National Sisters Day?
The first Sunday in August celebrates the uniquely special bond between sisters.
History of National Sisters Day
We have been unable to identify the creator of this national day, but we will keep you updated on our findings.
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