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National Sloppy Joe Day - 2021-03-18
What is National Sloppy Joe Day?
There are many ways to make this sloppy sandwich, but no matter how you do it, mark March 18th on your calendar for National Sloppy Joe Day. The Sloppy Joe is a popular American hot sandwich. The recipe often includes ground beef, but others also use turkey and buffalo meat. The other ingredients are just as important. Onions, tomato sauce, brown sugar, cola or maple syrup to sweeten it, and seasonings to spice it – and of course, a special ingredient that families add over the years. All of it is served up on a hamburger bun or roll. And it's a messy meal! Be sure to grab more than one napkin. These days, the Sloppy Joe is a beloved food for families across America. Each family has a different recipe, which makes theirs special. Some people add a new spice or a homemade tomato sauce for a unique taste. The Sloppy Joe lends itself to originality and personality. The recipe is always changing, both from region to region and from family to family.
When is National Sloppy Joe Day?
National Sloppy Joe Day is observed on March 18.
History of National Sloppy Joe Day
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