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National S’mores Day - 2021-08-10
What is National S’mores Day?
A S'more is a popular snack eaten mostly around campfires or bonfires. The S'more is made of a roasted marshmallow, a piece of chocolate, and two graham crackers to make up the crust. The fire makes the perfect opportunity to roast the marshmallow and the heat of the roasted marshmallow melts the chocolate just enough to make it gooey and delicious. Try out other variations of a S'more on National S'more Day, like adding peanut butter or strawberry syrup. There are tons of ways to enjoy this classic treat, and perhaps nothing is better than the original.
When is National S’mores Day?
America's favourite campfire treat finally gets its dues on August 10th, National S'mores Day!
History of National S’mores Day
We have not been able to pinpoint the origins of this national holiday, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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