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National Sober Day - 2021-09-14
What is National Sober Day?
September 14 is a special day for all of you who live in sobriety. It is a day to recognize and celebrate the sober lifestyle and to bring awareness to addiction. The whole world will be watching and supporting your journey. If you're not in recovery, spend this day in sobriety with your friends and family who are. This year, we can all take a day to learn how to better understand and support those who suffer from addiction and substance abuse. It's important to make sure we aren't judging people who struggle with addiction, but instead, learn how to help them. We can all play a part in creating awareness and breaking the taboo of addiction. We must love those who suffer from addiction, as well as those around us, and be honest about their struggles. By creating a community that is aware and supportive. Encourage your friends and family members to take a break from alcohol for a day. This will provide a model for future generations. Demonstrating how to enjoy life without consuming alcohol will encourage future generations to say no to alcohol.
When is National Sober Day?
It's National Sober Day on September 14th!
History of National Sober Day
If you are a woman, you have likely struggled with addiction. But recovery is possible. That is why Real Aligned Women created National Sober Day to celebrate recovery. And, on September 14th annually, they proclaimed it to be officially National Sober Day.
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