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National Soft Ice Cream Day - 2021-08-19
What is National Soft Ice Cream Day?
On a 1934 Memorial Weekend in New York, ice cream salesman Tom Carvel had a flat tire and was force to pull his ice cream truck into a parking lot. As vacationers drove by, they were sold the slightly melting ice cream, which they loved! In coming years, Carvel invented a new machine that kept ice cream at a low temperature and a new recipe for the dessert that resulted in what we now know as soft serve. There are many ways to enjoy soft serve ice cream, the simplest being in a cup. Add whichever toppings you'd like, or have it on a cone dipped in chocolate or caramel. Whichever way you choose, it is bound to be delicious and relieving on a hot summer's day.
When is National Soft Ice Cream Day?
On August 19th, we celebrate a simple ice cream observance with National Soft Ice Cream Day.
History of National Soft Ice Cream Day
We have not been able to find the creator of this national day.
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