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National Sorry Charlie Day - 2022-04-06
What is National Sorry Charlie Day?
April 6 is National Sorry Charlie Day. It’s a day to remember our rejections. When we were rejected by someone we loved, by the college of our choice, by a potential employer, or when we were denied a loan, we all felt terrible. But Charlie taught us how to bounce back. He showed us that rejection is just temporary. It doesn’t mean that you are worthless. It’s just a sign that you need to try harder. Breakups can be some of the most difficult experiences we go through in life. For young people in particular, this type of rejection seems to sting and take a long time to heal. But when we’re young, it’s often a good thing if we get rejected by someone honest. When you break up with someone, it’s important to be direct and clear. If you drag it out, they may feel resentful or they may think you are having second thoughts. They may not even realize that it’s over until you speak up. So, be direct. You don’t want to leave them hanging with any doubts.
When is National Sorry Charlie Day?
Every April 6 is National Sorry Charlie Day!
History of National Sorry Charlie Day
In Kansas City, Missouri, Cathy Runyan-Svacina founded a group called the Sorry Charlie, No-Fan-Club-for-You Club and National Sorry Charlie Day.
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