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National South Dakota Day - 2022-04-26
What is National South Dakota Day?
South Dakota is the perfect snowy retreat for just about any season. After exploring the mountain, visitors can enjoy some ice cream while admiring Thomas Jefferson‘s face. And let’s not forget the other masterpieces South Dakota proudly displays! Wind Cave, the Missouri River, and the badlands are all reminders that mother nature is still carving out masterpieces of her own. The Lewis and Clark Expedition established Fort Pierre in 1804. Yankton was named the territorial capital in 1861, but Pierre would later become the state capital when South Dakota was granted statehood in 1889 along with North Dakota. The Black Hills of South Dakota are full of tall tales, deep canyons, and challenging trails. From Deadwood to Sturgis and all places in between, the roads are breathtakingly beautiful. If you want to go hiking or get away from it all, check out Spearfish Canyon. If you're looking for a challenge, try climbing the rock faces in Split Rock Creek north of Sioux Falls. After your workout, enjoy the calm waters of the Big Sioux River in Sioux Falls. The entire state is rich in history. From north to south, you'll find plenty of snow for winter sports enthusiasts and sunshine for summer beachgoers.
When is National South Dakota Day?
On April 26 we celebrate National South Dakota Day annually!
History of National South Dakota Day
On April 26, National South Dakota Day recognizes the 40th state to join the union.
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