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National Specially-Able Pets Day - 2021-05-03
What is National Specially-Able Pets Day?
On May 3, National Specially-abled Pets Day will shine a light on the needs of pets with disabilities. If you have ever considered adopting a special needs pet, today is the day. This day is dedicated to disabled pets looking for a home. Animal lovers are encouraged to think about adopting a disabled pet when they are looking to bring a new family member into their home. Adopting a disabled pet is not for everyone, but it brings rewards. If you're planning to adopt a pet, consider one with special needs. Visit a home that has a specially-abled pet to learn about the experience. You'll gain insight into what you can expect when bringing a new pet into your home. A great benefit is that you will have a partner in caring for your new pet.
When is National Specially-Able Pets Day?
National Specially-abled Pets Day is Annually on May 3rd.
History of National Specially-Able Pets Day
Colleen Paige founded National Specially-abled Pets Day. She is an animal advocate, author, and pet lifestyle expert.
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