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National Spice Blend Day - 2021-09-04
What is National Spice Blend Day?
No matter if your tastebuds like it hot or not, spices transform any dish from bland and bitter to delicious and delectable. Kitchens will tease and tantalize your palate on September 4th for National Spice Blend Day. Celebrate this flavorful day with hand-picked spices and herbs from around the world to re-imagine your favorite recipes. Learn more about spices grown naturally in your area or try exotic types from far-flung countries. Test the profiles of different spices in new blends - you might just unlock paradise for your palate.
When is National Spice Blend Day?
The spiciest day of the year for Chefs and foodies is without a doubt September 4th for National Spice Blend Day.
History of National Spice Blend Day
National Spice Blend Day was founded by Angel Gregorio, owner of The SpiceSuite, in 2021. The date was chosen in conjunction with The SpiceSuite's 6th anniversary on September 4th, 2021.
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