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National Spouses Day - 2022-01-26
What is National Spouses Day?
Dedicated to recognizing spouses everywhere, the observance of National Spouses Day is a time to celebrate your spouse. Whether you are thankful for the fulfillment and security of a long-term relationship or for the boost of morale and well-being that your spouse provides, this month is about celebrating all that he or she does for you. Valentine’s day is a time for receiving gifts, while “couple’s day” is the opposite. To celebrate this holiday, couples are encouraged to spend alone time and reflect on their journey together. Scientific research has shown that holding hands with your partner or cuddling for twenty minutes releases hormones that leave you both happier and feeling good.
When is National Spouses Day?
National Spouses Day is celebrated on January 26th of each year. It is a day to celebrate the bond between two people and show gratitude for one another.
History of National Spouses Day
The origin of National Spouses Day is not known, but it’s assumed that a married person came up with the idea. Some say it originated from the establishment of Military Spouses Day in 1984, but it started gaining popularity in the new millennium and became an official holiday in the US and UK on January 26. The day is celebrated by many other countries too.
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