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National Sticker Day - 2022-01-13
What is National Sticker Day?
StickerGiant has been making stickers since 1901, and we're introducing the holiday of National Sticker Day. In celebration of the first National Sticker Day in 2016, a company set up what was then considered to be The World Largest Ball Of Stickers. When it weighed 231 pounds and measured 8 feet from one sticker side to another. National Sticker Day offers many ways to celebrate. We won't limit it to just any age group either, so invite everyone because there are activities for all!  
When is National Sticker Day?
National Sticker Day Celebrates Stickers Every Year on January 13!
History of National Sticker Day
National Sticker Day will take place on January 13th, in honor of R. Stanton Avery.
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