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National String Cheese Day - 2021-09-20
What is National String Cheese Day?
String cheese is usually mozzarella cheese, formed into a stick shape that peels easily into little strings, hence the name. This cheese is usually given to schoolchildren in their lunchboxes or eaten as a quick snack on beach days or hikes. It is probably the strings that get us all excited about this cheese, everyone loves playing with their food! Since its made with mozzarella cheese, it melts really easily so it can be used in recipes that call for mozzarella as well. Pick up a pack or three at the grocery store today and share the string cheese fun with some friends while reminiscing about your childhood eating this delicious and fun snack.
When is National String Cheese Day?
America's love for string cheese is celebrated today, on September 20th, with National String Cheese Day!
History of National String Cheese Day
Galbani Cheese founded National String Cheese Day in 2017 to celebrate America’s love of String Cheese.
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