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National Student-Athlete Day - 2022-04-06
What is National Student-Athlete Day?
Today is National Student-Athlete Day! That means we can honor the outstanding accomplishments of student-athletes. In the United States, there are 7,908,000 student-athletes who compete in team and individual sports. More than 500,000 will continue playing in college. This is a great opportunity to show our support for them in their pursuits of athletic excellence in areas such as track and field, baseball, and swimming. The NCAA has a day to honor the student-athletes who have a positive impact on their communities, while also maintaining high GPAs. There are many student-athletes who are leaders in their community and serve as role models for others. Others overcome adversity and provide exemplary representations of achievement. The program encourages families, schools, and communities to support student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence.    
When is National Student-Athlete Day?
National Student-Athlete Day is observed on April 6 annually!
History of National Student-Athlete Day
The NCAS founded National STUDENT-Athlete Day in 1987 to honor high school and college student-athletes who have excelled in academics and athletics and who have contributed to their communities and schools in a significant way.
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