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National Stuffing Day - 2021-11-21
What is National Stuffing Day?
It’s time for stuffing! And not just on Thanksgiving—stuffing can be enjoyed all year round as well. However, one holiday aims to shatter the perception about this delicious dish- it only comes around once every ten years or so (unless there are 2 Shrove Tuesdays). This event takes place November 21st where everyone celebrates by eating their favorite kind of food which includes turkey toppings like chestnuts in gravy! To stuff, a food item is to fill it with an edible mixture. The most common stuffing ingredients are herbs and starch such as bread, which can be used in many different types of preparations from vegetables or meats depending on the dish being made.  
When is National Stuffing Day?
The only thing more delicious than a stuffing dish is the scent of fresh tomatoes and sage in your house. November 21st, we celebrate National Stuffing Day!
History of National Stuffing Day
The oldest cookbook in history, Apicius de re Coquinaria was created between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. The book has recipes for stuffed chicken rabbit pork and even dormice! His main ingredient choices appear to have been: vegetables.
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